Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED

"How did you know it was the right time to go full-time as an artist?"

I don't think you ever truly know if it is the 'right time' to do anything, but when I had the idea to go full time it's all I could think about. It drove me CRAZY working full time but having this dream to create art for a living. I'm an impatient person and so it was only a matter of weeks from idea to reality!

Looking back, do I think it was the right time? YES 100%. Of course, when you're planning a big life change it's important to think about boring stuff like financing your venture and the sacrifices you'll have to make but honestly, if there is something else you would rather be doing every day and you have a plan then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best and you might just make it...

"Was it really scary quitting your full-time job?"

I get asked this ALOT. And truthfully, the scariest part is the time between having the idea to do something bold and actually making the first move. Once I had handed in my notice at my full time job and started planning my creative business any doubts and fears I had fell away.

The way I looked at it at the time was 'what do I have to loose?' If things didn't work out for me then I would go and get another job. No biggie. What WAS scary was the idea of not living my best life knowing I had something else to give in this world but not coming anywhere near my full potential. Quitting my job was a no-brainer.

"What do you actually do all day?"

Hahahahahaha this question ALWAYS makes me laugh because it's the way people ask it, like I just float around in the ether all day and draw occasionally. I run my own business, a business that sells a product that I happen to produce myself.

If I were to try and break down how I spend my time I would say it's 20% creating artwork and the other 80% is running a business. Finance, new business, social media, marketing, PR, ordering stock, posting & packaging orders and replying to commission requests amongst SOOOO many other things are what I spend my time doing.

I'm like an octopus with each arm doing different stuff every day all at the same time.

"Where do you get your inspiration from?"

Well, I'm one of those creatives who doesn't 'look' for inspiration, rather I kind of see it everywhere all the time. It can be as simple as seeing a colour palette within the sky, artwork in galleries, and geometric pattern on the tube or architectural design. Anything can trigger a 'wave of inspiration'. 

I would say my most inspired pieces come from months of working with a particular style, as things develop I start to understand a process inside and out and that's when I produce my best work.

"How do you stay motivated?"

Let me break it down for you. When you work for someone else, the maximum effort you'll put into that work is say 80% of which you'll get back in satisfaction and reward maybe 30%...Staying motivated when you are employed by someone else is much harder because you don't see ALL of your hard work rewarded. Not to mention you're relying on other people within an organisation for praise, a pay rise or a promotion.

When you work for yourself you put in 100%, because it's just you. And of that 100% you put in, that's right you guessed it, YOU GET 100% BACK! Now that's 100% of everything from the good, the bad and the ugly but it's still 100% and you can't beat that for satisfaction.

Staying motivated is not an effort because your business that you run is your baby. It's instinctive to want it to do well and you'll work harder than you ever could for someone else baby to make it a success.